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What is a Production Tank?

The production tanks that dot the fracking fields of Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Wyoming are holding the future of America's energy efficiency within them. Getting the oil out of the ground is just the first step on this road to energy self-sufficiency, however. Once the oil is pumped up to the surface, a myriad of containment vessels are deployed to store the results of those efforts prior to moving on to the refinery stage of the process. With the rise in oil field production, production containers are only going to grow as indicated in this Bloomberg article. Production tanks are designed to hold the products and byproducts of petroleum extraction efforts. Whether it's holding crude oil or the chemicals and water that are used in the removal process, production tanks are a staple of the fracking industry. With such volatile and caustic chemicals being stored within them, production tanks need to be built to exacting specifications. As such, an API tank, manufactured by Beaumont, Texas-based Dragon Products, offer the durable equipment that field operators have come to expect from an industry leader.

Are Dragon Production Tanks Made in the US?

Founded in 1963, as Dragon enters its fifth decade of service, they continue their record of excellence in the manufacturing and delivery of quality production tanks, as well as offering a full array of pumps, trailers, containers, and rigs that help keep the energy infrastructure of America moving forward. U.S. owned and operated, all of their products are engineered in-house to the exacting standards of industry and customer specifications and expectations. Manufactured right here in the United States, they have the production capabilities to meet any demand. They understand the concerns of the oil industry, and that is why their customers continuously return to them when they need a 400 bbl tank or are seeking expert technical consultation in the selection of a production tank containment system.

What Types of Liquid Can a Production Tank Store?

Needless to say, when one is dealing with the caustic materials associated with the oil industry, having an industry expert manufacturing those production tanks is critical to the safe operation of an oil field. As mentioned, in addition to the crude that is pulled out of the ground, there are any numbers of chemicals associated with the practice of fracking. Indeed, there are approximately 750 compounds that have been listed as additives for hydraulic fracturing and detailed in a 2011 Congressional report. Whether they're holding water, propellants, or extracted crude oil, production tanks are the linchpin to getting the oil out of the ground and into the national energy pipeline. To fully discuss the production tank needs of your operation, call Dragon Products to find out how easy it is to fully contain the caustic materials that are critical to the fracking industry.  

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